Resume Leon Kuunders

I'm an Information Security specialist with years of experience in IT management, security and Identity Management.

:: personal ::

name Leon Pieter Kuunders
born in Deurne, the Netherlands
at 11 januari 1969 || 07:10
further married with children:
Luna & Lenny & Alek & Maya & Eli & Ziz

:: contact ::

phone +31 6411 64 995
e-mail (spamtrap)
ICQ 2700364
Skype leonkuunders
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:: work experience (companies) last 10 years ::

2006 - ... present Trusted-ID

Senior (Technical) Consultant, Identity Management Specialist


2004 - ... present (100% owner)

Architect, Developer, Consultant, Philosopher.


2003 - 2003 Ministerie Volksgezondheid Welzijn en Sport

Senior ICT Advisor.


2002 - 2002 bhold company (e)

Architect, Consultant, Engineer. Digital Identity Management, with a focus on centralized authentication and authorization. Role Based Access techniques.


2000 - 2002 Nedsecure Consulting (33% owner)

Consultant, business development manager, visionair.


1999 - current Netsecure Nederland  a.k.a. (100% owner)

Writer of articles and columns, realist. Security Architect ('though architect is a protected name). Think. Act.


1999 - 1999 InfraVision b.v. (e)

Consultant / project manager.


1998 - 1999 Network Associates (e)

Territory Account Manager.


1997 - 1998 Network Associates (e)

International experience in Sweden, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Middle East, United States.


1997 - 1997 McAfee Associates (e)

Sales Engineer & Professional Services Manager Nordics, Benelux and UK.


1996 - 1996 Gotech Nederland (e)

Systems and Sales Engineer.


1995 - 1996 McAfee Nederland (e)

Support and Systems Engineer.


:: work experience (projects) last 10 years ::

2008 .. current Identity & Access Management

IdM Projects within dutch government (for Justice department, department of Internal affairs, department for Traffic and Water control, departement of Economic affairs). Some presentations are on this page, others on my Slideshare account. Investigations into security profile for several organisations in, advocacy and accountancy, IT and law sector.

2007 Identity Management

IdM Projects within dutch government. Investigation into authentication habits and needs for several organisations in banking sector, advocacy and accountancy, IT and law sector.

2006 Identity Management

Projects within dutch government on IdM aspects including definition and design of IdM Infrastructure. Investigation of authentication habits and needs for several organisations in healthcare.

2005 For The Hague's eGovernment designed specifications for "Regisseur". This application enables transaction-based relations with The Hague. Click here to download these specifications ("Functioneel Ontwerp regisseur").

Follow up to these specifications with more technical details: Technisch Ontwerp Regisseur.

Creative Commons License
Licensed under a Creative Commons License.


2004 Finished work on translation of Spinoza's Ethica, by Dionijs Burger. This is a work in progress.



Investigation into The Hague's eGovernment architecture ("Ketenontwerp") including specifications for transaction based relations. Designed specifications for "Ondernemersloket". Click here to download these specifications.


  Investigation into the implementation of VIR, the dutch law that prescribes how Information Security should be implemented at the dutch goverment. Not finished yet. Click here for more information.


  Designed specifications 2 for Pim, the Personal Information Manager of v3.0. Build as open-source, using extreme programming techniques. Click here to download this document.


2003 Designed the specifications for single-sign-on with Using SAML. Click here to download SSO-rnet.


  Developed the Fair Use Policy of v3.0. Click here to download FUP-rnet.


  Designed the specifications for the usermanagement system of v3.0. The specifications will be made available in summer 2003. Click here to download these specifications.


2002 Producer of the dutch translation of the movie "Warriors of the Net". Translation for the project "Informatiebeveiliging in het onderwijs".


  Security Architect for dutch software product (bhold suite).


  A lot of html and cgi hacking. Mainly with the use of MovableType, WXP, IIS5.1, Perl and a lot of coffee.


2000 - 2002 Business Development Manager. Develop company strategy and market for information security company. Projectmanager and consultant for information security solutions: firewall implementations, PKI projects, virusprotection projects. Medium sized companies as customers.


1999 - 1999 Projectmanager and consultant for helpdesk and service desk projects. Medium sized companies. Work based upon ITIL essentials knowledge and Prince2 project methods.


1997 - 1998 Pre-sales activities: presentations and demonstrations for top 500 companies accross europe. Support for sales reps of large customers. Teamleader of group of European consultants.


1995 - 1996 Pre-sales activities for medium-big sized companies. Customer support in after-sales.


:: education (last 10 years) ::

2007 Attended McAfee Foundstone course in Amsterdam.

Attended the IDMAN 2007 conference in Rotterdam.

Invited for expertmeeting on Electronic Identity, organized by Govcert and PvIB.


2006 Attended Microsoft Identity Integration Server course.

Attended the "ActivIdentity CMS" course in Paris, France, and became a recognized ActivIdentity Certified Professional.


2004 Attended the course "Keteninformatisering" by Jan Grijpink. More information on his website


  Started HEAO Information Management course.


2003 Attended Western Philosophy introduction course.


  Attended an 11 week course about the Upanishads, Indian Philosophy. 


1999 - .. present I've been working on "My Lectures", a personal library that holds background information on almost every standard, protocol, product, vision, review, project that I have encountered. Offered by one company as an added value to their service it also holds information on numerous people.


1999 - 2002 Multiple security products product training and certification, e.g. Gauntlet Firewall, Checkpoint Firewall, RSA SecureID.


1999 - 2000 Projectmanagement with PRINCE2


1995 - 1998 Multiple product trainings; e.g. MS-SQL, Oracle, Network management products, Service Desk products, complete Wintel platform.


  Multiple sales trainings.


  Certified on all Network Associates products (McAfee virus protection, PGP security products, Sniffer network management, Magic service desk management).


:: memberships ::

2005 - present Member of dutch chapter of Transparency International.


2005 - present Member of ISOC.


2005 - 31 march 2007 Local member of dutch political party 'Haagse Stadspartij', which has one seat (taken by Joris Wijsmuller) in the local town council of The Hague. Co-chairman as of april 2006. Ended membership in march 2007 after moving to Gouda.


2003 - 2005 National member of dutch political party D66.


2002 - ... present Vereniging Het Spinozahuis.


2000 - ... present Platform voor Informatiebeveiliging (PvIB).


2000 - 2004 Electronic Highway Platform (EPN) - member of different expert workgroups.


:: webbed ::

2005 - ... present; on the "Wet openbaarheid van bestuur", the dutch Freedom of Information Act.

A subsidy request had been made to the project Digitale Pioniers. Read the request. The project needs more tweaking.


2004 - ... present Infologie; non-public website on humans and information.


  Esther & Leon; weblog together with my beautiful wife Esther. This chapter ended.


2002 - ... present Benedictus de Spinoza; website for the famous dutch philosopher Spinoza. On this website you will find the dutch translations of his writings and general information about his philosophy, life and influence.


  Code voor Informatiebeveiliging; website which started with the dutch translation of the British Standard 7799 - a standard for organising your information security management. The website evolved and right now carries news on different aspects of IT and society. Trust, but verify. Closed.


  Mijn Woensdag; weblog about wednesdays and Luna, my daughter. Quit and closed.


2000 - 2005 Moonfather Blogged; my personal weblog. Quit and closed. Things moved.


2001 - 2003 Moderator @


:: presentations ::

2008 BSN en IdM (ppt); Over het burgerservicenummer, de WBP en Identity Management.


2008 MARIJ en Identity Management (ppt); Over MARIJ, concerndenken en ketendenken bij Identity Management projecten. Ook de notities zijn te zien.


2008 Gegevenswoordenboek voor Identity Management (ppt); Over het belang van semantiek in Identity Management projecten.


2006 Modellen, Raamwerken en Methodes (pdf); Over het beheren en controleren van informatiebeveiliging, met aandacht voor methodieken als ISO 17799, Common Criteria, ISM3, enz..


2005 Evaluatie Ketenontwerp Den Haag (pdf); Over de samenwerking en de samenhang in het Glazen Stadhuis.


2001 OpenPGP als PKI voor bedrijven (ppt); this presentation focusses on using the OpenPGP certificate format as an alternative to X.509. There is also a publication with the same title.


  Beveiligde E-mail (ppt); presented at the NPI, the Dutch Police Institute. The presentation goes into detail on the techniques used for securing e-mail.